Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year

Another New Year..

But this is supposedly the most important one in my life... By this time next year I would (hopefully) be in College..For a start..I've made no resolutions..strange but true...

They say having no resolution means u don't have a proper goal...maybe i don't..wats their problem..!

Although It might sound like fun but blogging isn't easy....just to giv u an idea..the blog below..the one which has the same date as this one...that i started on 27th Dec...and completed's really boring sometimes...most of the time I have something to write..but don't bother doing it...

It was hardly cold this time around in Kol...(Not that it snows every year :P..)

Since it is my first post in the new year...(ignore the completed post)...Here r some thoughts about the last year...

Things/Habits I'll Miss:

T-u-t-i-o-n-s : Don't get me wrong but I will miss tutions...I get such gr8 frnds...talking about every other topic on earth...looking at a new hot girl who's just come and say.."Ajkal humlog ke batch ka bhi standard bar raha hai"..and then going bck to another eat cheetos during sing wen the lights go laugh at the worse p.js on earth...skool hardly provided me all this...and that lack was filled by tutions...

phuchka/telebhaja/roll/*random junk* : The first thing we would do after coming out of tution...Still remember that phuchka competition after GD's....135 phuchkas.. :O :P

Skool (some extent) : For providing a few moments to remember...

Mock Tests : At FIITJEE = Adda + Biryani + Football + 6hrs of looking at d paper...

Doubt Clearing.. : Just went once...laughed a lot...there was this fysix teacher...who was so tall...dat wen he had to write he had to get up on this raised platform :P
and then the chem. teacher...who had some problem with his eye...n he wud wink for no reason...and then he came over to the last bench and told six of us to stand.. :P i hv no clue wat he taught...

Things I Won't Miss:

Waking up at 6 : I'm done waking up early..

Studies : Does not need much explanation does this..?


Tomar Premer Lampost-e amar hridoyer ramchagol bandha..
- Adhunik Kobita by Mesho..

I had a blast today.. Oh first things first..Apologies for not writing so long..Its just that I can't get myself to sit down and write..Anyway..Cheers because Man. Utd. are now the World Champions :)..

Feels great also because it also been 10 years since I've been a fan of the club..Its strange the first match I saw which featured United also saw United lose..and at my age then kids usually don't go for the losing team..but somehow I felt that United had deserved the win more..somehow there was more passion..and somehow the red of the jersey brought out the red in me..I still love the quote.."Cut me and I bleed red".. :)

So where was I..? Oh Ya I went over to my mama's house cos our relatives from the US had come ovr and the get together was arranged at their house..So went there..ate..played badminton...played table tennis..had a chat wid US wale bhaiya..he's awesome btw..just an year older..he's studying at Virginia Tech..and is fun to be with.. :)

So in the evening we guys went over to KFC..and I ate ate and ate..We 5 "kids" had a bill of 1114.. :O

After that Ice Cream at Mama Mia..which produced a bill of 810..!

Uske baad back to Park Circus..some more table tennis and adda..and then back home...

Oh apart from that there have been lots of other happenings too..

Last week we had our last day of School and then this week on Tuesday we went to Ibiza for our school picnic..Memorable days..The last day specially..i swear had skool been like this I would hv missed it..Well come to think about it...I still mite miss a few things..
i) Not meeting a few people regularly..people who made going to skool bearable..
ii)Not getting to have pizza everyday at lunch...
iii)Occasional football
iv)A few teachers..

But one thing is a certainty..I sure won't miss waking up at 6 everyday :).

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was my cousin brother’s birthday yesterday.

I reached late because I had GD’s tuition before that and since he was doing ‘Applications of Organic Chemistry’ I could not miss the class :(. Anyway, I left the class happier than usual because I had managed to answer a few questions that he gave. Apart from that class had been normal. So I came out of tuition and as expected my mother and my didi were waiting at the main road to pick me up so that we could go to my brother’s place. So after numerous jams and news of blasts in Delhi and after listening to lots of silly jokes on Radio Mirchi we finally reached Park Circus. My brother who’s in class VII right now, had all these friends over and while they were having their party we guys had our ‘adda’.

One of my brother’s friend performed these great magic tricks which were great. Then a power-cut occurred. So now we sat in a dark room while the ‘adda’ continued(aah how I wish these times would just stay). The kids left and we family members had dinner and played with the snow sprayer until it was finished and started making all funny noises when we were pressing it. Well that was precisely when our parents decided that we should leave. So everyone left for their respective houses.

P.S: I would like to mention that although this piece mightsound boring but nonetheless it is one of those occasions that I want to remember in the future. If you didn’t like it then I’m sorry you had to read the whole of it.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I went to school yet another day and to say it was fun would be an understatement. Because I haven't laughed so much for a long, long time. Well it all started with the assembly. Today a new song was going to be sung, one which we didn't know. Well so it started and the best part was the mike stopped working(great!). So since a> We didn't know the song and b> We could not hear it so we decided that we should sing 'Rock On!' :P

Well midway through our and their song the incharge decided to interrupt and began her usual shouting ritual that if we didn't know the song we should all be quite. Fair Enough the song started again and we all kept quite. Well as soon as the song finished(here comes the best part)somebody in the crowd started clapping :P.

Well that was all we needed. The whole of class XII started clapping,

It was insane I tell you. The Incharge on the stage just seemed livid. Anyway we heard her say some more things and after that we went to class. Class wasn't much fun at least maths wasn't. Chemistry after that too was kinda boring too. Then was English. So our teacher gives us an advertisement to write. The topic - "You have lost your two month old puppy when you took him out for a walk. Issue an advertisement in the 'Lost and Found' column".

So we copy the topic down and go to sleep. Moments later the teacher decides to take a look at our copy. In haste we write anything possible. Mine had something like "Last monday I lost my two month spitz. It is white in colour" something like that. Anyway, I didn't know that we weren't supposed to use "I" and stuff. So the teacher comes, takes a look and tells me - "How could you make such a mistake? I've been doing it with you for so many days". And that started another 'roar' of laughter in the class with many hooting to tell me "How could you do her?" :P.
Oh, and by the way this is what my friend wrote:


A dog 2 months old which I had found only last month was lost last Monday. It was rainbow (ie. VIBGYOR) in colour due to the holi that was played a week back. I miss him! If any of you find him do contact me".

So English ended. After this we headed to the Auditorium for another Chemistry class which was spent in chatting away with friends. Well we came back to class and another incident happened. See this guy sits in front of a girl and he tends to lean back thus making his space more and the girls' area less. So everytime this girl says to him "eta ki?". Today when we came back from Chemistry this guy is in his normal style taking up too much space. So this guy shouts at him saying "Eta Ki??" but this time in a shriller voice and kinda pointing to an objectionable direction. Well the whole class goes "Soumik(the guy) eta ki eta ki??" And then starts his leg pulling. You should have been there to understand the kind of humour that was created. After this computer - boring again. We had physics practicals where we went around poking friends with wires. And finally Hindi. Aah, we couldn't find a room for having it so we went to the Bio-Tech Lab. It was fun but only if you think not doing Hindi and checking out strange Microwave owens is fun.

Well after that was home. Where I just reached sometime back. Oh, and by the way, I almost forgot. When I was going to school this morning there was this auto in which I was travelling and the autowala finds his friend and tells him to get on. Well there obviously wasn't a place to 'get on' so he climbs onto the side and holds on for dear life. But after sometime he couldn't stay like that and told the driver he would get off. So the driver stops, gets off the auto and tells him - "You drive I'll hang". Honestly, what is going on I think! Anyway somehow in this manner I do manage to reach school in one piece.

I guess thats about it. Have a nice day! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Curtain Raiser

I guess I must win the award for the 'Worst Time to Start a Blog' competition if there ever was one. For one, It is 2.41 A.M on 30 August as I sit in the drawing room giving company to one of the most irritating diseases on Earth - The Common Cold. Secondly, Manchester United has just lost the UEFA Super Cup to a Russian side called Zenit St. Petersburg. And my mom wants me to put some sunflower oil into my nose because that'll help and she is all around me trying to get some on my neck and ears!

Anyway coming back to the blog topic –

I don’t know why I suddenly decided I should start a blog. Maybe it is because I've been reading good blogs of late or because a lot of my friends have one. But truly I guess the reason is my bad memory. I mean not that I forget my name or anything but I forget lots of things that I would want to remember in future life - The moments that were so important at one time and which have now become just a blur in my mind. So I guess I wanted to make an account of them so that I could relive those moments in future in ‘my’ language and just as ‘I’ saw it then.

By the way, I’ve noticed lots of people who write blogs do mention which song they are listening to (Is it a tradition?). Anyway, I’m currently listening to the fans in my C.P.U trying to cool down the ultra hot hardware!!

By the way I actually went to school after 5 days and it was kinda fun. I mean we didn’t have a lot of classes and the ones that we had we slept at the last bench so it wasn’t much of a problematic day after all. Oh, and I went to Hindi class for a change too. The teacher as is her ritual was scolding those who ‘bunked’ her classes. Yesterday she took a test in which some guys had submitted a blank paper (one had not even written his name on it :P). So she is like, “You will ask your parents to meet me tomorrow and one of my friends is like, “Ma’m they’re out of station. Can my brother come?”

Teacher: “Is he your own brother”.

A guy from the other end of the room: “Uska saala hai”

Anyway, so this saved him and he’ll bring his ‘brother’ along tomorrow for the parent-teacher meeting. Well my parents haven’t been called so it’s basically a holiday for me.

Anyway, its 3.19 now and I’m falling short of things to write so I guess I’ll finish this post now. I’ve written a lot I guess (considering it is my first time).

I think I’ll try and sleep now.